Wow great minds think alike...I just screen capped the tP opening sequence this weekend...and there it black and white on the front page of the wiki...can we talk about it? In S1 there was the blue text on the black background. Was the black on white chosen for a special reason? See my suggestions section for a continuation of this discussion...

Meanwhile here is a video...seeing as I am not sure what other video I can show here for's a trailer for the new book from The Pretender creators coming soon...although as a trailer it needs a bit of updating...

The Pretender Lives Trailer (2013)01:20

The Pretender Lives Trailer (2013)


I don't know if the actual screen cap will look better but the current image seems a bit grainy. I will upload mine when I get home and we can compare...I think the one that goes on the front page should at least reflect what was in the episodes and be a clear version of it.


Not sure what to add here...first time doing a talk page like this...

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