Mark M. Dodson is a screenwriter and producer who wrote/co-wrote several episodes of The Pretender, including Survival, Ghosts From The Past, and Betrayal. Dodson has shared via Twitter that he has had cameos in two early episodes of The Pretender, one involving young Miss Parker. His Twitter bio (from which some of this information has been "ripped") also lists Physical Therapist and Attorney.

Dodson is also an author and in 2013 announced he was working on a new novel, Patterns, based on a pilot written by Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. The novel is said (by Dodson) to have 'definite "Pretender" connections' although it "stands alone." It is expected to be published in 2014. Apart from The Pretender, he has also worked on She Spies and Medical Investigation.

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