An official designation for The Pretender fan sites that are approved by The Pretender creators, Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle. These websites are designated official Data Annex websites and display the official Data Annex button.

Button1 annex2 red wiki

Data Annex button

All official Data Annex fansite webmasters are given access to secrets and news before the rest of the fandom. Some special Data Annex sites will be given opportunities to host special events, e.g. The Pretender Centre, an official Data Annex, hosted a recent book cover poll for Rebirth the new novel that was released in Fall, 2013. Some Data Annex sites also display the button for fans to join the official mailing list of Steven and Craig to receive direct emails in their inbox of news about The Pretender, directly from the creators themselves.
Join button

Join The Centre Insiders Mailing list:

Data Annex sites are designated an official location usually based on the geographical location of the site administrators and these locations can be seen in a special map of all the Data Annex sites posted at

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