Jarod's messages are usually sent to or meant for Miss Parker, although occasionally he has left messages for Sydney or both Sydney and Broots along with Miss Parker who are his main pursuers at the Centre, and on rare occasions, notes to other characters. His messages to Miss Parker are sometimes very cryptic and may deal with his life or questions about Miss Parker's
J-notes noplacelikehome

Jarod's message for Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots. (Episode: Road Trip)

past or the Centre's activities. Sometimes Jarod's messages are written or typed but there have been a few times when they were visual messages as in his message to Miss Parker on the anniversary of the death of Thomas Gates, where he recreated the scene of their first meeting, although the interpretation of the message was left unclear until he telephoned her. His handwritten notes have been both in all uppercase (block letters) and sentence case. Some messages have been sent by email.

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