Personal Information
Gender Male
Occupation Computer technician
Acting Information
Actor Jon Gries
First Appearance Every Picture Tells A Story
Last Appearance The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

Broots is a character portrayed by Jon Gries.


Broots (It is uncertain whether this is a first or last name) is a computer technician who works at The Centre and was added The Centre team to help Miss Parker and Sydney to track down the Pretender, Jarod.


A Centre computer technician, Broots is able to break any computer code, unearth any file, and intercept all manner of communiqués. He is a divorced-single father of a daughter named Debbie Broots. Broots often gets very nervous and is obviously intimidated by Miss Parker in particular but also by other staff at The Centre.



I'm tellin' you, all the weirdness around here is courtesy of Mr. Skin Grafts himself. (Episode: Back From The Dead Again)

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